Puppy Birthday

January 22, 2024

About Your Bulldog

We are growing big now everyone is running and playing and doing pretty good on their potty training. We are requiring a lot more human interaction and we are learning with our siblings how to wrestle and what is too hard of a bite and what it an acceptable bite. This next 2 weeks we learn this very important stage in life, so when we play with our humans, we know what is an expectable play bite and what is to rough, this happen between 6-8 weeks. This why adopting a puppy at 6 weeks is never a good idea they miss out on this development that ONLY comes with their interaction with their canine siblings. Also in the next 2 weeks we start leaving the pack and playing in small groups and by our self, this too is another reason the next 2 weeks of us staying with our litter is so important.

We are so close to meeting and living together for the rest of my life. I am 6 weeks now and I just got my first vaccination and last deworming . My eyes are now blue and gray starting to turn to my final eye color. My eyes will go from Blue to Gray to my final color at about 14-16 weeks. This week we will start our dry kibble instead of a moist soft kibble. Still eating 4-5 times a day we have gain 1.5 pounds a week.

Thank you for getting me pedigree names so I could get the puppies final pedigree papers. Thank you for paying your final adoption fee if haven’t yet please contact me and lets make the arranges to pay for the your puppy and the flight nanny services if your fur baby is flying.

Also Puppy orientation is very important we cover so many important things about your puppy the first first 6 months of their life and milestones, pedigree papers are issued and Microchip transfers and our health records. And what you need to do to get ready for my home coming. Last week you saw the MY NEW HOME document if have question regarding that please call Davette.

We Love American Bulldogs has won awards for our detail puppy program and in the past we would have everyone fly or drive out to our farm/vineyard in California and we would a Ta-Do Luncheon and family day. But when covid hit it made almost impossible so we adjusted our puppy orientation to Zoom which the entire group of families for each litter , and this was enjoyable too but it had it’s challenges. Families work schedules and time zone difference since we sell all over the US when really had a lot of time zones to content with…. So with this new interactive website it will make it easier for you and your family to pick a time best for you to watch the Puppy Orientation I have curated. I have put the video of our puppy orientation on the website and YouTube for you to make sure you and your family take the 30-40 mins. The complete the video about your puppies needs and foundation to help them and you to be a BULLDOG STRONGER family. ( this must be done before your pup leaves here to you. So once completed please send me and e mail or text your family completed watching the video and if you have ANY questions call me personally

The breeder you choose when buying a puppy is so important and make the compete difference you the foundation of your Puppy and we want you to have the same success and carry it on so he or she will be the best dog you ever bought.

Puppy Milestones this coming week

  • Forms relationships with people Moves around the room freely Play mounting
  • Eats four times a day
  • Actively eating dry food
  • Week 6
  • Greets litter mates with nose and tail sniffing Eats 4 times a day
  • Day 45
  • Should have 28 puppy teeth
  • Week 6
  • We are all getting our first vaccination today and our final deworming. We also started our 5 day Covid 0.6% water treatment for coccidia.
  • Greets litter mates with nose and tail sniffing Eats 4 times a day

Princess Fiona