Puppy Birthday

January 22, 2024

About Your Bulldog

(The Most Important week of all updates) – “Lots to over and share this week”

I am doing great, I am growing fast. Only nursing 3 times a day for less then 5 mins and eating our soften kibble every 4 hours. My teeth are coming in and are sharp like little piranha’s. We love giving kisses and lots of cuddles, we are being introduce to toys and colors, different sounds and the outdoors, so we aren’t scared to all the new surroundings. We got chew toys and climbing objects. We love them, they are colorful and fun to chew… especially since we are teething.

Our breeders will be preparing our pedigree papers and will need you to make you final decision on my name by this Monday. We will be registering your puppies with the ABRA American Bulldog Registry & Archives. so we can hand you your pedigree papers on puppy pick up day. So your home work is to come up with your puppies new pedigree name and how you want ownership on the certificate. Attached is the pedigree charts with lots of names of your parents and grand parent and great grandparents and great greats. So along with your call name you may have already chosen you need 3-6 name on the paperwork to make sure your pups names in the pedigree archives is different from every other “SPIKE “out there, “if that makes sense to you”. An example is our newest family member here on the farm is Beastie, Beastie and Beast is her CALL name. However her grandfather “ Oranjè” dog on her daddy’s side is like hank a very famous bulldog, he recently past this January and she is one of his pups in his legacy, so we chose her, this pedigree name: Fournier’s Beastie “Legacy of Clockwork Oanjé.” So have fun and be creative. please email me in this format. We are registering them for and we are paying for it as part of our top notch breeding program, which will save you $85.00 To help pick your legal pedigree name to go along with your call name it always helps to see your puppy’s parent’s pedigree tree. Go to the planned breeding page of our website click on the pictures of your puppies parents and it will take you to the parents Bio Page where you see the Dam & Sire’s pictures and video and most importantly the Pedigree tree with pictures and names of their 4 generation back of bloodlines on both parents

EXAMPLE below of how I want you to email your puppies pedigree information for registering them…

Fournier’s Beastie “Legacy of Clockwork Oranje” ( who was her famous grandfather kind of like our famous Hank The Tank is you puppies grand father) You saw him on his youtube video over 2 K views )

Fournier’s Beastie “Legacy of Clockwork Oranje”

Davette & Stephen Fournier 2868 Taylor Road
Penryn Ca 95663


Couple important things. WE ARE FREE FED! Our breeder doesn’t believe in schedule feeding as it makes me food aggressive and pups that are underfed in this very important slow to grow program with the all stages dog food which prevents ligament tears. Any questions call Davette. Also if your pup has another brother or sister waiting for them at home that is eating a different food then them and is schedule fed It’s time to transition them over to my High quality food and to free feeding so you life will be easier. . Davette is very helpful and experienced at helping you with that so give her a call very soon as it take a 2-3 weeks to transition the dog family to all be on the same page.

Also Parvo prevention and protection in my new home and Yard. Please call Davette she will walk you thru what you need to get my new home ready, that too takes 3 weeks of prep, so call sooner then later.

Time to pay your balance if you have not already.

This week is pics, video and your “Puppy’s Home Coming” and to-do document:

Female #1

Female #2

Female #3

Female #4

Female #5

Female #6

Male #1

Male #2