Puppy Birthday

April 15th, 2024

About Your Bulldog

We are 4 weeks old and growing very nicely. big , fat and healthy. We have start our puppy MUSH this week which a combination of crushed kibble and a powder multi species milk replacement as mommy will start weaning us over the next 2-3 weeks. We are still nursing but we are more hungry then mommy milk will provide. We are feeding them MUSH 2-3 times a day this will increase over next 14 days then we will start soft kibble for a week, then we will hard kibble by the time mommy weans us totally. We need be ready for our new homes by 8 weeks. Our 2nd deworming has taken place this week too. We have 1 more at 6 weeks. As you will see in this weeks video we are really starting to play and walk and move around and we are finding our voices. We are beyond adorable at the age. Our pointy head have start to show which means…..incase you didn’t know means as my skull grows the point will become a flat top bulldog head, which is what makes us are Big Bully heads. The boys are usually the pointiest since the boys end up having the biggest bully heads. Which is something we all love about this breed. We will be introduce to the out doors this next week as well based on the weather allowing. Next weekend picture will be of us outside where we really learn to play. We are perfect and on task with all milestones.

We are getting our 3 tiered living quarters we call the Misty Method. You can find out what this is on our Bulldog stronger website, if you’d like to know about our the potty training methods it will help you continue their potty training when they come home. We have all been chosen by our families and they are now hard at work deciding names for next weeks

  • Puppy Milestones for 21 to 28 days
  • Lapping formula from a bowl
  • Eye color changes
  • Starts to groom himself
  • Feed 4 times a day
  • Day 28
  • Room should be no cooler than 79° F Small sized puppies begins to wean Have full set of baby teeth
  • Eating soft food


Breeders Milestones we as breeders work on with the pups to make sure they are advancing as expected
By the time a newborn puppy turns 4 weeks old, they are ready to start the weaning process from their mother’s milk and continual care. Hence, it is time to introduce commercially available solid foods, among other fun and exciting things too. It is encouraged that you work with the puppies in the following areas, as well as well as others for ongoing puppy progression:
* Continue the activities of all previous weeks by strengthening and lengthening. * Gradually wean puppies over the upcoming couple of weeks by separating them from their mother for up to multiple hours at a time.
* VERY IMPORTANT – We make sure your weaning pen has an appropriate potty spot and fresh water always available
* Periodically add a pan of high-quality puppy food softened with warm water to the pen and encourage their feeding (we love Now Fresh).
* Introduce new objects daily to them.
* Create random puppy challenges like a home- made teeter-totter, food puzzle, or bridges and barriers to cross in order to obtain toys and treats as a way to encourage thinking.
We use an enthusiastic puppy call, such as “HERE PUPPY, PUPPY!” when it’s mealtime – which will later become our “COME” command.

Time to plan your puppy’s flight home: If your puppy is flying home, I will need you to email me at davettes@mac.com the closest international airport, where you want to pick up your fur baby. The flights are typically Sunday-Friday we rarely fly Saturdays since there is fewer planes in the air on Saturdays and it doesn’t give us enough options especially if the weather is bad and a flight is cancel we have to jump on another plane or airline, which is why we love that all our flight nannies work for the airlines and get special consideration with all airlines.

There is 2 things, I want you to buy on amazon and have shipped to your puppy’s current address to make the travel way more comfortable.

1 is the a puppy calming collar available on amazon and a mini fan that we use to clip on back of seat and point down on puppy carrier on the floor when they are sleep to keep the air circulating for our bully breeds, because the air up top doesn’t typically reach all the way to the floor for them. And if they hot the fuzz and wont sleep if they are cool and sleep to the hum of the fan it makes it way less stressful on them.

Here are the 2 link for both items, you can buy on amazon and have dropped shipped to your puppy’s breeders house with your puppy’s name on the ship to label. Please be sure to order the items in time for them to arrive a week before flight.

Calming Collar: https://a.co/d/dLvb0fm
FAN: https://a.co/d/4KEiJ9G
The Importance of setting you and your family up for success for your puppies Home Coming.

This is a very important subject:
The Subject is the foundation of your Family’s puppy TRAINING.,,,,( note my reference to the family needing the training and not the puppy yet)

After breeding, this breed now for 22 years. I have seen and heard a lot of peoples success and failures with this breed. I started my website 15 years ago as an advocate an educator to people looking for help with their American Bulldogs more than just a breeder like I was in the beginning. Since back in the day this was a very rare breed and hard to find and when you did, there really was no help or information about them and their Characteristic. It’s why I made the video on youtube 8 years ago “Living with an American Bulldogs with my friend Zeke the owner and creator of Dogumentry. If you haven’t watched it, you should its about 16 mins. Most of you have found me and my breeding program “We Love American Bulldogs because of this video. I think we have close over 2 millions views now on Youtube.com. Our YouTube channel is We love American Bulldogs. Our view video from our website weloveamericanbulldogs.com

Now that the American Bulldog is in the top 10…. #3 to be exact for the most wanted family /protection dog. A title it has earned over the years due to breeders like us at WLAB working to educate people about this breed.

In say all that, I want to talk to you and your family about TRAINING your family and puppy. So you can have the success I would love you to have with your new puppy. “I know, I know” you have owned one before your thinking because most of you have, HOWEVER…… I want you to be more successful the 2nd or 3rd time around as I am confident you weren’t given the advise I am giving and have given you so far, your first time with your AB and even if you were I can tell you from my own experience I have preach this to have folks ignore me, then call me when there dog is 12-24 months crying my dog did this, my dog did that, what do I do?? I have even re-homed dogs ( mostly not my dogs but i have once in a life time and I was glad to get the dog away from the stupid people….. that did him wrong my ignoring my advise. ( YOU need to know its never the dogs fault they only know what you teach them or what you DONT teach them and what comes from instinct when you don’t teach them) most of my re-homed have been strangers calling me to help, so I do what I can but I will tell you, I loose sleep over it . I LOVE dogs and can’t stomach them in pain or being unloved.

So for this reason I preach the importance of training, However due the the fact the your puppy can’t go to puppy classes until they are 16 weeks because they need all their vaccinations first. ( plus Covid made it’s impossible for a while and I find people drop the ball and don’t go, because they get their perfect little puppy and we have potty trained them and have given a really social foundation, folks say wow my perfect puppy is learning everything I am teaching him/her they don’t need training and in some ways they don’t until the humans in the family make big mistakes, that by the way they have no idea they are making, just living their normal life of busy schedules and kids needs and etc. until their AB is 80-130 pounds and decides it’s time to make some decision for it’s self because humans are to busy to give them the advise and then this is when the rubber meet the road and make a difference base on what you do up front with your family and the dog.

I have at any given time in my home 3-5 AB’s dogs my pets and or litters. I am only 5’1 feet tall and I can control total 400 pounds of dog alone all based on what I have done with them from the day I bring them home. This is what I want for your puppy and your family to have a family that is 100% on board and committed to the success of the dog for a lifetime.

We Love American Bulldog has seek’d hard to find a solution, since I can’t be in everyones home to see if you are doing it right from the beginninG. (yes I am always here for you a phone call away). But I do own 2 other business and work for a living so times and I can’t be there right when you need me. Myself, my husband, Chad, Christina, Adam and Kim are all working together very closely and hard I might add, to give you the PERFECT puppy we start them off with the best possible foundation and we want you to pick from there once you finish reading this email.

Let’s talk the actual training. It doesn’t start when your puppy gets home at 8 weeks it starts 2 weeks before your puppy gets home. YOU have to prep and teach your family members how to be apart of the success of your new puppy place in your home. So our training program we use and HIGHLY recommend start 2 weeks before your puppy comes home to make sure the HUMANS are ready for them and their home coming.

Before, I tell you what I want you to do, I want to mention the importance of the training of this breed, be all done UP FRONT from birth to 12 months. If you do that this, this will be the best breed and dog you have ever owned. It’s one of the reasons they have earned #3 spot of most purchased breed. But don’t for a minute under estimate the power of this breed and is instinctual needs that can interfere with your family’s life if not trained and cared for in the RIGHT way.

You have heard be say it before “YOU CAN’T BULLY A BULLY” and this is still a bully breed and a strong one at that. A female training in a competition arena can pull up to 10,000 pounds so don’t think you can put a leash on it this breed and control if it doesn’t want you to, especially when they hit what we call their RED zone. However this breed is so loyal and loving, you can controls them with love and guidance and MOSTLY rewards this breed only works best with reward as they are very stubborn and you have to get them where they are weakest rewards and treats and love. It’s what they love most. So please I am beg of all of you to start your training 2 weeks before your puppy even gets home get your family and home ready for their home coming.

Here at W.L.A.B. We are lifetime partners with a online, in home training program for your AB’s.

It is a lifetime membership for you and your dog and your family to continue to learn and grow as they grow, understanding their needs will change as they mentally grow. It’s $278.00 for a life time membership of support where you have a weekly and even monthly check list of things of things to accomplish with your puppy in YOUR home and this again starts 2 weeks before they come home. There is also weekly live classes online with a trainer, there also is many different trainers on call that specialize in many dog behavioral things, Like if you and your puppy eventually want to a service dog. All these services are included in a one time $238.00 lifetime membership. Also below in this email I will included our Villa Fournier discount that when you join you type in the code and save 25% which makes $178.50 for life. no extra fees. Referred to me by the owner of the AmericanBulldogs registry Association where we hold our Kennel Certificates. They knew we were. a different type of breed then most of their other kennels they recommend this course, I am putting my baby beastie through the course now.

The reason we chose this courses is for 3 reason:

#1. It trains the humans as much as the dogs

#2. It trains you in your home where your dog lives (this is a BIG one, as going somewhere for puppy classes are OK I don’t discount them for the puppy stages after 16 weeks so they can be socialized with other dogs, but you can do that cheaper at a doggy care once or twice a week for puppy to play with dogs its’ age where they will learn to be friendly with SOME dogs don’t expect all dogs to like all dogs not going to happen, just like you don’t like all humans. Also I don’t agreed with sending your dog to a training facility for 2 weeks and hope to get your dog back FIXED a new dog… I promise that never works in fact they may do more damage to your dog, which with my experience I find to be more so. I can tell you from personal experience, in the past 4 years I have 2 dogs we have breed here that people have taken to these types of facility after not doing the right up front puppy training and these families have had their beautiful 2 year old American Bulldogs killed in their care. I never recommend send your dog away from your home for training unless you will be with them the entire time, never leave them in the care of someone you don’t personally love or know. I prefer a trainer that comes into your home and work with you and your dog in your home….WHY? Because this where your dogs lives and breaths.

#3 You have training that is affordable enough that you will stick with it. Trainers gets so expensive and if you stop going after they turn 4 -5 months of puppy classes and you don’t continue until they are 18 months, when they become what we call “the teenage punk stage” both you and your dog get frustrated. PLUS THE VIDEOS THEY DO ARE AWESOME. please watch their introduction video I have provided the link below. Also seen in your document About Your Puppy.

We are super excited to share that we have found an amazing online training option for all of our puppy families. We have really searched for something like for months especially since Covid has made it hard for you to continue the best possible training. We got you started at puppy Pick Up Day. So some of this will information you have tackled and the crate training they mention slightly is something I don’t promote unless it’s really needed for a short time. But this really is the best I have found. The price is amazing! BAXTER & Bella’s exclusive online puppy school has agreed to now offer our families an instant 25% savings off of their membership! The best part it’s a lifetime membership. For those getting ready to pick up your puppy they even have a training session for you and your family to start 2 weeks before your puppy comes home.


In short, their easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online dog training program provides everything you will need in order to successfully train your new puppy and achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship!

Inclusive of more than 65 lessons, over 100 how-to videos, printable chart & checklists, as well as lifetime access to so many other supporting resources, their team of puppy parenting professionals are committed to helping you successfully integrate your new canine companion into your life, family and home, and they even include unlimited one-on-one video-enabled video coaching, phone calling, events, classes and courses too!

You can learn more about who they are, what they offer and how to get started by visiting: https://www.baxterandbella.com/learn-more

Or simply watch their overview video by clicking on the following quick link (Such a cute family): https://youtu.be/VdbrmycYiNM

As you already know, we have worked very hard to start your puppy off on the right paw and the BAXTER & Bella online puppy school is a great way to help transition your new puppy from our home and into yours. Not only will you learn the skills you need to be a successful animal owner, but your puppy will learn incredible manners and behaviors as well… In fully sincerity – IT’S A GAME-CHANGING TRAINING PROGRAM!

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