Puppy Birthday

January 22, 2024

About Your Bulldog

Hello families….Drum Roll Please… Here they are with their first Photo shoot without mommy dog. We are all healthy and thriving. As tradition has we give all the pups litter names. This will help you identify the pup/pups you are eyeing until it is your turn to chose your pup and give them a name of your choice. We will have a puppy video added weekly to the puppy update pages starting this week so check back. Its time for both the first pick male and Females to start their selections. If you know your puppy already please email me at davettes@mac.com to confirm your pick, so I can let the families next in line that it is their turn to select their new puppy.

As you can see our eyes are starting to open our eyes some are all open, some are half open and other not yet open but will by tomorrow or the next day. Tiny spots of pigment on our noses have started to fill in until they fill in all the way over the next few weeks it can take up to 6 months depends… every pup is different. Over next couple days all our eyes will be open and our ears will open completely.

We have include their next weeks Puppy Milestones and what we will be doing for them.

  • Milestones for days 7 through 14:
  • Room should be kept at 80° to 85°F
  • Eyes and ears open
  • Stands wobbly
  • Day 14
  • Stands up and crawls around Eyes focusing
  • Room must be 85° at all times
  • Fed 6 to 8 times a day

PUPPY PICK DAY so mark your Calendars so you can get ready for your new puppy’s home coming. A date will be different for each litter

This week week do pics and a short video plus no document. Example of pics below I typically do 3 -4 pictures of each puppy showing face side views and back for marking for each pup in the litter so we will need a gallery strip for each pup from week 2-week 7 allowing 4-8 pictures typically more pics as they age at this young age we cant get to many with our mom freaking out we take them from her for pics

2 Male and 6 Females