Puppy Birthday

April 15th, 2024

About Our Bulldog Puppies

Welcome to our first update since the pups were born. Some bad news I want to inform you we lost 1 male puppy last night, in first 72 hours which you will see in weekly update is our bench mark that typically, if we lose any pups its in the first 72 hours after that the survival rate jumps to 85% then after week 2  it jumps to 100%  Last night mama dog feel asleep on him and didn’t realize it and mama dog is very upset she keeps counting her pups. so we are a little sad over here. But we have 7  girls and 2 boys all doing very well. So you will see the pics of them all as 2 groups,The Boys and The Girls. We also and then individually 

This weekends update includes these candid shot we got of the pups and mommy as they rest and grow. Starting next weekend we will start handling the pups and we will do individual shots of the pups so you can watch them grow and start eyeing which pups you like and may want. We have 3 group pics one with everyone sleeping then groups 1 of the males and 1 with the females….The picks go in order of deposit. First Pick Female has been chosen they choose Female #7 Her name is now Rayna Rose. Also First Pick Male has been chosen they choose Male #2.. name to be decided still. Its now Pick 2 families turn to decide their picks.

We have include their next weeks Puppy Milestones and what we will be doing for them.

  • Milestones for Newborn through day 7 :
  • Puppy is blind and deaf
  • Can smell well enough to find mother nipples and warmth
  • Sleeps 90% of the time and eats the other 10%
  • Fed 6 to 8 times a day
  • Room must be 85° at all times
  • * Body temperature is 94°F
  • * Umbilical cord still attached
  • Day 2 – Body temperature between 95° and 97° F
  • Day 3 Umbilical cord falls off
  • Day 5 Begins to crawl around
  • Day 7 Puppy crawling more easily

Should be cuddled only a few minutes a day Can’t go to the bathroom on their own. They require external stimulation of private parts to help them eliminate. ( Mommy Takes care of this typically) Needs only minimal handling. No visitors this first week its mommy & puppy time bonding time.

Your Puppy comes home Date is on or around June 10th 2024 based on every pups travel plans. So mark your Calendars so you can get ready for your new puppy’s home coming. na 

The Boys

The Girls