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We have truly dedicated ourselves to this breed. Established in 1997 our mission has been to help make bulldog lovers more educated about all bullybreeds. We hope to bring together every Bulldog Lover, Bulldog Owner & Bulldog Breeder with our new Bulldog Stronger Community. We hope you will join us.

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We are a private American Bulldog Breeder and Educational Resource for all bully breeds. We love Bulldogs and everything they offer to our lives. All our dogs and pups are never kenneled or crated. They are our family pets and roam our home and land. We breed loving Bulldog Puppies for you and your family to enjoy.



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It's been our dream and goal to unite Bulldogs lovers, owners, breeders and admires of all bully breeds. Here at We Love American Bulldogs we want you to be the most educated and aware of the bully breed of your choice. Whether it's your 1st Bulldog or you have owned a bully breed for years, we will have insight we can share with you. We have brought together a circle of experts to make this member beneficial to all. The success of knowledge on your part about the breed will mean the success of these dogs never ending up in rescues and pounds. We have created a launch pad above that will take you to our new platform where we offer reading materials, videos, How To's, Telemedicine with Vets, Blogs, Podcast and recommended gear. You can also get one on one advice from Davette yourself she has been voted the #1 American Bulldog breed in the US. She really knows her stuff and has been breeding bulldogs over 22 years.
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Rebecca Peters


What I want to share how amazing, Davette Fournier does at WE LOVE AMERICAN BULLDOGS (along with Chad, Christina and Mary). They allowed us to visit, ask as many questions as we like, educated us, sent us weekly photos and videos of his development and just really impressed us with their love of all animals but especially the American Bulldog. Our boy came home to us potty trained, super healthy and with the most amazing genetics to make for a long healthy life. Highly Recommend Them

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Tim Green


I Brought DE’A Home From The Litter Of Hank & Jewel February 2020.This is My 3rd American Bulldog. I Would Not Have Another Breed. Great With Children & Other Dogs. Davette & Her Husband are Fantastic People & They Are THE BEST BREEDER’S You’ll Ever Meet.” It’s My Pleasure To Highly Recommend Them

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Shaun Johnson


I lost my site in October 2018... Prior to that I had owned two American bulldogs... The only breed I will ever own! After losing my sight it took me four years of learn how to live and function blind and reestablish my life I decided I needed another American bulldog but people were always telling me that they did not make good service animals... Miss Davette dispelled all of that with her knowledge on the breed as well as experience finding training programs to help me grow my dog into a pet ambassador and future service animal... The process was easy she was with me every step of the way and continues to be responsive even after Best breeder I have ever had the privilege of working with! I highly recommend We Love American Bulldogs if you are interested in becoming the forever home for an awesome American bulldog puppy!

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Holly Chrisope Rainey


I cannot even begin to thank We Love American Bulldogs enough! I purchased my first American Bulldog from them almost eleven years ago. I have purchased three dogs from Davette over the years. I can tell you from first-hand experience Davette produces well-rounded, loving, and behaviorally sound American Bulldogs.
Davette's attention to detail, care, and passion for this stunning breed is in a class all its own. The foundation all my dogs received with Davette, or their guardian home set them up for success. They were all raised and integrated in the home of Davette and their guardian home. Each of my dogs received affection, love, and the best possible start to life.
I was provided with regular updates, pictures, and videos of my puppies from birth till arriving home. Each one of my puppies came to my home healthy, vaccinated, potty trained, and truly loved.
Whether you are picking up your puppy yourself or having them flown I can promise you it's smooth and seamless. I've picked up two of my dogs personally from Davette and had my most recent puppy flown with Pups on the Fly. Davette made all the necessary arrangements and provided strict care instructions for the flight nanny to ensure quality care of my puppy. Knowing that my puppy was riding on the plane with a flight nanny gave me great comfort. The flight nanny provided myself and Davette with frequent updates and pictures from initial pickup to drop off in my arms.
I cannot say enough positive words about Davette and her breeding program. I can assure you that you will not regret choosing We Love American Bulldogs as the breeder of your American Bulldog!

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